Program Arranged

1) Government job opportunities and preparation (21-01-2019)

Now days lot of Government job opportunities are opened for diploma students. But because of lack of guidance about exam preparation students are not able to grab these jobs. For this “Government job opportunities and preparation”seminar was arranged to create awareness about Government Job Opportunities and its preparation strategies. In this seminar students understand syllabus, criteria, and preparation techniques. Mock Aptitude Test was conducted for interested students.

2) “Memory power” Unleash the Potential of Your Memory (12-01-2019)

Every single one of us has a limitless memory capacity. Storage isn't the issue, as our brains can hold everything and then some. It’s recall—accessing the information in our memories—that’s the sticking point.In this session speaker explained Different study techniquesMind concentration technique, Advanced Memory technique.

3) Success Through Positive Attitude (07-09-2018)

The basic fundamental step towards achieving success in life is to believe in yourself and to take responsibility for things that you experience in life. The powerful nature of positive thinking is immense in life. It is because when you believe in yourself, every small thing you do brings happiness, satisfaction and significantly more which prompts more accomplishment in life. Working on attitude is one of the most dynamic chapters in personality development classes because positive attitude brings positive outcome in life.

4) Aptitude Test Preparation & Group Discussion workshop Duration 1 Day 24-06-2018

Aptitude test and Group Discussion are the essential steps for today’s recruitment process. In this workshop we gave tips and tricks about how to face Aptitude test. Also shared online resources like , and other offline app. Also gave tips about group discussion. Arranged mock group discussion sessions.

5) Entrepreneurship Awareness Program Duration 1 Day 23-06-2018 Organised by MCED , Sindhudurg

This 1 day programme aims to create awareness among the students about Entrepreneurship. They will gain an exposure to charms of being an entrepreneur.

6) Industry Orientation (Campus to Corporate) Duration 3 Days 19-06-2018 to 21-06-2018 Sponsored by Barclays, NASSCOM Foundation & GTT

As a part of their CSR initiative, Barclays has decided to skill unemployed youths as per the industry requirement. Barclays has decided to partner with GTT & NASSCOM Foundation in this initiative.

Mr. Ganesh Bhosale conducted this interactive program on behalf of Global Talent Track,Pune.