About Electrical Departments

Our Vision

  • To impart fundamental concepts of Electrical Engineering to our students.
  • Our Mission

    • To prepare our students to meet changing needs of Electrical Engineering.
    • To expose our students with the outside world for technical advancement.
    • To serve the society through technical contribution in Electrical Engineering.

    Our PEO

    Our Diploma Engineers:

    • PEO 1: Exhibit Professional success:
      Apply fundamentals of Basic Science, Behavioural Science and Electrical Engineering to analyse, synthesize electrical circuits, algorithms and complex problems.
    • PEO 2: Learn Life Long knowledge
      Develop cutting-edge technical capabilities in the field of electrical engineering for the need of society through life-long learning.

    • PEO 3: Practice Ethical Values
      Contribute in cross-functional teams, upholding the professional responsibilities & ethical values.
    • PEO 4: Perform as Team player
      Deliver Invaluable Advice and Solutions for Problems when working individually or as Team member through effective communication.

    Our PSO

    Students will be able to:

    • PSO1: Plan and Design Electrical Layouts
      Estimate Cost, Formulate Plan and Design the electrical Layouts for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Areas.
    • PSO2: Instruments and Equipment Usage
      Apply appropriate instruments and equipment for measurement of respective electrical parameters as per the conditions.