About Computer Department

Our Vision

  • To produce Ethical and Knowledgeable diploma holders in Computer Engineering.

Our Mission

Mission 01

To provide our student with curriculum and industry based teaching learning process.

Mission 02

To encourage our faculty and students to participate in industry academic event.

Mission 03

To provide social platform that generate ethical and intrepreneurship skill in our students.


Our Diploma Engineers:-

PEO1:- Exhibit Competency
Evolve as competent computer professionals possessing leadership skills for developing innovative solutions in multidisciplinary domains.

PEO2:- Practice Ethical Values
Portray ethical values, empathy and gratitude in the industry.

PEO3:- Practice Intrapreneurship
Provide creative, innovative and sustainable ideas/ solution to perform as Intrepreneur.

PEO4: Life Long Learning
Involve in lifelong learning to adapt the technological advancements acquired in the emerging areas of computer applications.


Students will be able to: PSO 1:-Computing And Research Ability:-
The ability to employ modern computer languages, environments and platforms in creating innovative career paths in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies.

PSO 2:- Foundation of Computer System:
Able to apply the knowledge and principle of computer system through debugging, troubleshooting and supporting software and hardware system.