Civil Activities

Visit to under construction site for finishing work on 20/08/2018 at YBIS, Sawantwadi

Second year students of civil engineering department, Yashwantrao polytechnic Sawantwadi, a visit to Yashwantrao Bhonsale International School building for observing the laterite stone masonry, Sill, Lintel, Chajja, Slab and Plaster

Visit to site under construction for concrete work held on 18/08/2018.

Second and Third year students of civil engineering department, Yashwantrao Polytechnic Sawantwadi, a visit to BKC hall for collecting the detailed information about the ingredients of concrete mix.

Visit to a steel yard, Sawantwadi on 02/08/2018

Third Year students of Civil Engineering Department, Yashwantrao Bhonsale Polytechnic, Sawantwadi, a visited to steel yard on 02Aug.2018 at Kamakshi Enterprises, Kolgaon, Sawantwadi. Students observed various type steel sections. This visit helped the students to visualize the teachings in the classroom.

Continuing Education Programme

Continuing Education Programme arranged by CIVIL & MECHANICAL Engineering department from 07/02/2018 to 09/02/2018

Visit to Ultratech RMC plant, Kolhapur

Ready-mix concrete refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for construction projects. It is a mixture of cement, water, sand, gravel, or crushed stone. To understand Ready-mix concrete manufacturing process T.Y.C.E.students visited Ultratech RMC plant at Kolhapur on 19th August 2017 under the supervision of HOD Pramod Farakate & Class teacher Rahul Sangle.

Visit to water treatment plant, Ichalkaranji

Water treatment is any process that makes water more acceptable for a specific end-use. The end use may be drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, water recreation or many other uses, including being safely returned to the environment. T.Y.C.E. students visited water treatment plant at Ichalkaranji under the supervision of HOD Pramod Farakate & Class teacher Rahul Sangle. Mr.Suresh Kamle, Engineer for water supply, Ichalkaranji was also present during the visit.

Visit to Sewage treatment plant, Ichalkaranji

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove these contaminants and produce environmentally safer treated wastewater. For the same practical insights T.Y.C.E.students visited Sewage treatment plant at Ichalkaranji under the supervision of HOD Pramod Farakate & Class teacher Rahul Sangle.

Visit to Shraddha RCC Pipe Factory, Atigre, Kolhapur

T.Y.Civil students visited Shraddha RCC Pipe Factory, A/P.Atigre, Dist Kolhapur to understand the RCC pipe manufacturing process under the supervision of HOD Pramod Farakate & Class teacher Rahul Sangle. RCC pipe is the concrete pipe making process using the centrifugal process and also popularly known as spun process in many parts. This is most traditional method of producing the concrete pipes. RCC Hume pipe refers to Reinforced Concrete cement pipes.

Visit to the structure during concrete work

To understand the indepth concrete work procedure of the structure, an industrial visit was arranged to one local construction site. Concrete work procedure for various types of concrete such as foundation, columns, beams, slabs, floors and other reinforced concrete structures was thoroughly demonstrated to the students. Class teacher Parth Naik illustrated all the aspects related to concrete work during the visit.

Visit to the superstructure of public building

To get the practical insights of the superstructure of public building; civil department arranged an industrial visit to one local under construction building. Superstructure is an upward extension of an existing structure above a baseline called Ground Level in general. The superstructure of a building is the part that is entirely above its foundation or basement. This visit was executed under the supervision of HOD Pramod Farakate & Class teacher Parth Naik.

Parents Meeting 2017-18

Parent meeting for class S.Y. & T.Y.Civil was conducted on 19th Aug 2017. Civil HOD Pramod Farakate, Class teacher Prasad Manerikar, Parth Naik, Hawabi Shaikh, Rahul Sangale & TPO head Milind Desai were present on the occasion. Students’ academic progress, attendance, last semester result was thoroughly discussed. Staff introduction was made & various activities conducted for last year were also briefed to the parents.

Expert lecture on quality in construction

Expert lecture on quality in construction was arranged in the month of August 2017. Guest speaker was Pradip Joshi, Former Executive Engineer, PWD. While addressing to the students Joshi explained how the quality in construction is related to satisfying the specification mentioned in the contract, completing the project in time, Fulfilling the owner’s requirement within budget, Avoiding disputes claims and overall ensuring all parameters related to quality.

Tree plantation drive

Civil Department participated in the tree Plantation Drive at Yashwantrao Bhonsale Polytechnic in the first week of July2017. Different types of fruits & flower trees were planted in the campus. All the students & teaching staff of civil department actively contributed to the drive under the leadership of HOD Pramod Farakate.