“Reunite for betterment and knowledge exchanging” 

The objective of the alumni cell is to maintain the database of all the alumni; his/her whereabouts, their progression to higher studies and their current position. It gives an opportunity to interact with old students and helps to promote the importance of lifelong engagement with YBP.


To foster and strengthen the life long relationship between the YBP and its alumni for mutual benefit.


The Alumni Association will achieve its vision through its mission of

Promoting a strong relationship between alumni and the college
Advancing the unique needs of alumni, while supporting the college goals
Developing an awareness of YBP history, accomplishments, programs, and offerings


The Alumni Association will achieve its vision through its mission of

To stay connected, maintain productive and mutual relationship with our esteemed Alumni using all available online and offline means extensively. e
To build a bridge of communication for the alumni to interact and connect with the students to mentor them about career and life.
To organize and coordinate reunion activities of the alumni.
To act as a facilitator between alumni and the institution for mutual benefits.
Expansion and updating the database of the Association.
Identification and felicitation of exceptionally outstanding members of our alumni who have contributed to profession and society.
To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to the alumni.
To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni
Identification of the poor and needy students of  the  YBP and   to  help  for  their  education.
To enable the alumni to participate in activities which contribute to the general development of the institute.
To organize seminars / lectures to support & promote the educational objectives of the institute.